Miklos House

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This house is named after Gustave Miklos, and is on a 3x1 lot. It has a tiny cottage garden, many potted plants, basement, two balconies and a carport. By the way, don't expect historical accuracy. This house aims to show the SPIRIT of Art Deco. It's made with very little Custom Content, a fence, a couple of bathroom items, a wallpaper or two, all of which is included in the zip; if you don't want it install with Clean Installer and simply remove.

The industrial columns suggest the Craftsman movement.

A better shot of the cottage garden.

The entrance is unusual; a pair of glorious silver sculptures above the front door to contrast with the painted iron of the columns framing it.

The sitting room is large and tricky to photograph.

The game sorely lacks good curtains without custom content.

The washstand has been repainted to pick up the red marble finish of the toilet. and the sink to match the blood-red bathtub. Yes, there is a music centre in the bathroom, and books in the toilet. This is a house I would like to live in, so of course it has both!


Basement has a hot tub. and a wardrobe to ensure that Sims leaving the area are properly clothed.

The ground floor has a pleasant kitchen/dining room, and the basement access, and a large sitting room complete with grand piano.

First floor has the master bedroom with its own large balcony, and two small bedrooms suitable for staff or children.

Download the house complete with Custom Content used.

Sita April 1, 2014