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Department Store with Penthouse Suite

This is a large shop or store, designed to be played as a home business. There is a good sized apartment area at the top of the building. Being quite a large Lot it may need a fairly powerful computer to be playable.

bellasfront.png (1002861 bytes)

This was made with all EPs and Stuff packs and only EA items so you'll need to have them all installed for it to work as designed. In particular it uses some Open For Business, Mansions and Gardens and Kitchen and Bathroom items.

It has two large floors, currently unfurnished, for sales, escalator-type staircases, and two lifts.

On the third floor are customer toilets and the luxuriously furnished penthouse suite, which has magnificent views over the city.

penthouse.png (898933 bytes)

There is also a large,  empty attic, which can be reached by one of the lifts, or the fire escape. This might be suitable for further living accomodation or a party room, or just storage. The attic room has a pretty balcony looking out over the fire escape and the rear of the property.

I designed it for Bella, so it has a B worked into the roof tiles <grin> - could easily have a helipad up there. Bella told me she had had enough of aliens and did not ever want to stargaze again.

There is a fire escape at the rear of the property.


Sita March 2010