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Made with all EPs and stuff packs to Free Time and will need Free Time to work in your game. Only EAxis content used.

Dunroamin is a very popular house name in the UK.

Set well back from the road in pleasant gardens, with its own garage with workshop space, this house is partly furnished; giving at present comfortable accommodation for one or two Sims, with a bedroom and bathroom on the top floor, kitchen/dining/sitting area on the ground floor. It has a middle floor which could become a party space or further bedroom accommodation.

The house has an unfortunate history. One of the previous occupants was hit by a satellite, described by the Llindallin Space Authority as a "once-in-a-lifetime occurrence".

Another, rather elderly, previous occupant died blissfully in bed; a young lady was seen leaving the house in some distress and never returned.

Cost: 63,268