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Stock 1

This is a typical suburban house of the English "Stockbroker belt" - an area surrounding the M25 circular road that circumscribes London, where many thousands of people live and commute into central London on a daily basis. It has a large enough garden for barbecue parties or even a small marquee. You might expect to see ten or twenty identical houses of this type right next to one another as you drive along the M25, varying only by the statae of the gardens or maybe the front doors.

It has three good-sized bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a built-in garage, with space to park another car in the driveway, a roomy, fitted kitchen, lovely gardens, and is securely fenced. There is a small shed to the rear of the house where the previous inhabitant died as the result of an experiment... there may be a small amount of cleaning necessary hence the low price. (And if you don't want to be haunted, sell the tombstones!)

University and Nightlife required.

It has some mock Tudor touches including cantilevered bedroom windows on bedroom 2, and a high columned balcony on bedroom 1. Part furnished.

Cost: 56,257


Sita March 14, 2018