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Llandudno Blue

This house was made with all SPs and EPs for Sims 2, including Apartment Life, Kitchens and Bathrooms and Mansions and Gardens.

The only custom content used is my walls, which you can see more clearly here Llandudno Blue Walls and which are included.

Built in the heyday of the town's fame as a holiday resort, the original of this house is a large bed and breakfast. It was inspired by a house I saw in Llandudno. In reality it's part of a large terrace with neighbouring houses on either side diagonally; but I thought it might be more playable for Sims as it is shown here.

This house has three large bedrooms, all ensuite. It could easily be converted to have more bedrooms for a larger family. The grounds are not landscaped apart from a hedge and wall, which is the usual frontage for houses of this type.

The ground floor has a large sitting room. There is an open-plan feel to the dining room and kitchen. Access to the (currently unfurnished) basement is through the kitchen. The basement is raised and well lit.

The first floor has two large double bedrooms and bathrooms.

You can see the ground is fairly uneven around the edges of the house; a challenge to the skilled gardeners. I'm afraid I completely ran out of imagination when it came to the garden. Nor have I put in a garage or driveway, to keep the cost down.

And on the very top floor, a whole suite: bedroom, bathroom, sitting room.

This house should convert pretty easily to apartments, if you wanted to play it that way, but you would need to have the hack that allows a cook NPC to cook for all the tenants. I tend to play whole houses at a time, so this is what I mostly build :)

Cost: 145,810


Sita 29 06 2010