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Maxis content only, but made with ALL EPs and Stuff Packs up to Apartment Life and Mansion and Garden Stuff installed. So if you don't have them all it may not work or there may be objects missing.

Have your Sims ever wished for that something special for the kids to play on in the garden? Swings and slides not enough? Or for adult Sims, somewhere secluded to sit and suntan? Now you can have your very own ruined, slightly overgrown Aztec-style pyramid in your own backyard. Safety checked by our engineers, there should be no chance of falling masonry. However it has been weed-infested for so long that gardeners may find it frustrating.

The house also has a long driveway, a basement (empty!), 3 or 4 bedrooms, 3+ bathrooms, a large luxury breakfast kitchen, formal dining room,  sitting room, balconies and verandas galore for parties, music practice or stargazing, and is furnished throughout.

Cost: 250,994


Sita March 14, 2018