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Simple Shop with Flat

I wanted a simple commercial building that Sims could take on as a live-in, Home Business, and this is what I came up with. With a few paint changes and redecoration, a whole row of these would make an interesting shopping area. If you don't like the roof style, replace with a standard one - but this was an attempt to make it resemble some of the late 20th Century commercial design, at least in the UK.

This was made with all EPs and Stuff packs and only EA items so you'll need to have them all installed for it to work as designed. In particular it uses some Open For Business, Ikea and Apartment Life items.

4.png (1175450 bytes)

A simple shop area at the front ground floor for a home business. Behind this are staff restroom, customer toilets and a moderate size workroom for production.

3.png (1254976 bytes)

Upstairs, and separate from the shop, is a large, open-plan flat with balcony overlooking the rear yard. The flat could be made to fit more Sims, but is furnished for a single or couple.

2.png (1160942 bytes)

A front view of the downstairs layout.

1.png (1204278 bytes)

Rear view of the ground floor, showing the yard and side access. With Apartment Life you can lock the doors and gates to control access.



Sita March 2010