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Yule Tower

The Yule Tower was made with ALL EPs up to and including Apartment Life, and most of the Stuff packs. (Not Mansion and Gardens or Ikea). So you'll most likely need to have all these installed to play it. 

A tall residential building, open on the lower stories and with living accomodation for the resident warden, it appears to me to be an ancient monument that has been made available to the local community. So that's how I play it :) with Open for Business, use a resident to call and set up a business, add a few fun items and wait for them to come! There are public toilets and telephone at the road level. The warden has a helicopter so that he can fly up and check the structure from outside. 

Warden's living accommodation is mostly unfurnished. It's a house that bears exploring.

Cost: 187,334


Sita March 14, 2018