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Odd things happen in Sims 2 at times...

Way to start the new term. I have NO IDEA why she's dressed like this; it is certainly not clothing I chose for her.


Just a greedy townie.

Amber's hungry!

It was a very cold night and the newlyweds found this the most comfortable position.


marybellgoth.png (479336 bytes)

Mary Bell Goth, one of Bella's twins, became remarkably attached to the computer. Maybe strange bug-catching habits are in her genes. (Her stepfather is a Project Leader.)

stella.png (603177 bytes)

And Stella and her boyfriend were rather put off by the mascot turning up at an inopportune moment, apparently wanting to watch and cheer.

footballismoreinterestingthanmumgivingbirthagain.png (902222 bytes)

Poor Brandi. When your mum has had as many babies as ours has, football will seem MUCH more interesting.

John Scaritt really needs to get away from the trainset and the TV and get more exercise. His feet are badly swollen.

snapshot_52cffa82_da10fb08.jpg (51431 bytes)

An uncomfortable moment at a birthday party.