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Marion Terrace

This house was made with all SPs and EPs for Sims 2, including Apartment Life, Kitchens and Bathrooms and Mansions and Gardens.

This very small, terraced, back-to-back house was inspired by the house my husband grew up in, not so very many decades ago, and I have been inside the house next door to his, where a family friend lived until about five years ago. Rows and rows of these houses stretched for miles. Now they are thankfully most demolished, or a few have been modernised.

The house was so small that when his Geography teacher set a homework to make a scale plan of his house, she could not believe his house could really be that small! (The house took 3 metres by 4 metres floor space. It had three floors and a basement, and was in a block of 12, with 6 facing forward onto each road, front and back. This tiny house held a family of 4, and in some of these lived larger families. One of the next-doors housed a woman they called "the pig lady" - because she kept pigs on her allotment and well, her house smelled of pigs...)

Sims 2 also will not allow me to make it small enough, but it's an approximation.

street.png (931620 bytes)

The original houses were in a block of 12, 6 houses front, 6 houses back. In the original, each PAIR of houses shared a toilet; this was in the basement, and could be reached from within the house or from outside. (A great improvement on some slightly older houses where six or more houses shared the toilet.) The bath was in the "scullery" kitchen under a lift-up worktop.

backstreet.png (1044948 bytes)

In the case of these Sims houses, I have left one house laid out as close as possible to the way he remembers it. It housed a family of 2 adults, and 2 small children here. The other houses in the set are renovated to greater or lesser extent, with the two houses at the end formed by combining two of the little back-to-backs each, and so those are much larger and what we would nowadays regard as a reasonable size for a (still small by modern standards) house. 

This is a view of the back street, showing the nearby football pitch on the "recreation field" - resources that were terribly rare in the real-life versions of these places. (And recreation grounds were few and far between. The nearest to his home was a local park half a mile away.)

This Siminized version is built on the largest size Lot, but as more than half the land is taken up with the Recreation Ground, should not be too demanding on most computers - it plays well on mine with 8 Sims and a dog. There are hacks to increase the number of Sims living on one Lot, if you feel brave.

Game play note: I made this as a single "house", rather than Apartments. With the lockable doors available ingame, a Sim can be assigned to each door, so one Sim can have a whole house to himself, or, with a bit of work, only that Sim can be allowed to use this kitchen or that basement.



Sita March 14, 2018