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Auriel Headquarters and Park

These rather grand offices house the Auriel Company in Belladonna Cove. The upper three floors form a suite or can be subdivided. This is the residential area, or could work as meeting rooms, offices, etc. In my game, they are occupied by the family that owns the Auriel Company, Marcus Auriel and his family. Auriel is a company with fingers in many pies. Marcus himself is a lawyer and gives legal advice to Sims in the district. I designed this as a house to play with the open For Business expansion as a "Home Business".

It's inspired by a real building in Liverpool called Oriel Chambers, dated 1864. This, now a solicitor's offices, was famous for using an inordinate amount of glass for its day (it has slightly larger windows than my Siminized version) and is regarded as one of the precursors of modern architecture.

Of course, the original is in a busy street and doesn't have a park opposite; that's an innovation imposed by the Belladonna Cove Council, worried about traffic flow, and happily fulfilled by Maximus, who is old enough to want to be seen as a benefactor to the city.

There are some small business premises on the ground floor: a dressmaking and a pottery workshop, an old-fashioned tea-room or cafe and a tiny pool hall.

Opposite the main building is Auriel Park. It is known for some special bromeliad plants which are quite rare. (I believe Maximus plans to hire a gardener to care for it.)

There's also a playground with a bouncy castle and a small sports field with changing rooms which Sims can book for matches, or just turn up and play.

Through the main entrance and up one flight of stairs are the offices of Marcus Auriel and his partner, Maximus, with furnishings of the period.

There is a pleasant room for the clerks to work in.

I have not subdivided nor furnished the upper three residential floors to keep the initial cost of the building within reason. There is only lift access to these levels.

There IS some custom content in this build, which all comes from Artistic Habitats. This was a site run by a friend of mine, on SimsHost. The content is all available on the Web, and is now free. Since the lady who ran the site has now disappeared from Simsworld I'm assuming it's OK to use her stuff in my build. If you don't want it, use the Clean Installer and simply untick everything except the building. It includes trees, plants, floor and wall coverings and furniture.

I made it with ALL EPs and SPs installed. You will certainly need Open For Business to use it as intended.

Cost to Marcus and Maximus Auriel, or your Sims, §226,977.

Download the Auriel HQ and Park.

Sita October 2012