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This is StrangeMATYTown, or, as it's sometimes called, Strangeways.

*Populated by self-Sims from MATY The original terrain is EAxian, and the original houses are mostly by Maxis; I have added some hood decor, some houses and lots from other Hoods, some built by me or other Simmers.

This being Strangetown, anything can happen.

The Rules

I visit the homes in rotation but don't play by any strict rules; some Sims have more money than others because - well, I like them better! I tend to allow to happen what happens ingame. It's not in any way a Legacy but here they are: a few stories about my MATY Sims.

To begin with, mostly the MATYzens get just enough to buy their own house, or to rent an apartment. In Sue Kewian's case she got a little more. Just because I like her. As a bonus for being the first participant in my story. Occasionally they get extra grants from the City; usually when a new child is born in the poorer families. In one or two cases they are so poor they have to camp out or doss on a friend's floor.

The only rule is that MATYzens cannot marry or move in other MATYzens unless they have at least 2 and preferably 3 bolts. (And even that rule gets bent sometimes).

I have most of Pescado's hacks and ACR installed, but not triplets or quads because I don't want the population to grow too fast.

The Places

[ Carlspeace ] [ Strangeways Station ] [ Strangeways Polytechnic ] [ Strangeways CattleMarket ] [ Strangeways Elementary School and Community Centre ]

Looking East

Looking West.

Click on each image to see more detailed views.

* (I had to guess at the personalities of one or two, and in the case of one or two Sims I built Sims myself according to their forum avatars and apparent personalities - though I'm well aware that a lot of what goes on on MATY is role-play.)