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Events at Craig Dorm

Jeromy was less than successful at Uni.

He soon discovered that he had no sense of pitch whatsoever.

He had not much luck with romance either.

Outside the dorm, the Science Professors had two new machines installed. There was an observatory, for stargazing without the annoyance of local streetlights or windows affecting the view, and a machine called Dr Ippon's Tesla coil.

One night there was some kind of discharge from the machine, and they were all caught in it. Jeromy was worst hit.

He had an evil after-effect which made his nose completely POUR stinking green - stuff. For a whole day.

Eventually he failed his final and left ignominiously. The reason given for his failure was "Too much time in the hot tub."

Spooky Muffin liked this experiment.

But the dare she accepted to drink the green toxic waste might not have been a good idea.


Reason No. 594: "Spooky Muffin drank toxic waste."

Tigerlily Hentai had a breakdown and dropped out, as a result of her breakdown she acquired blue face syndrome.

Kazzandra, graduated but also with blue face syndrome. The doctor said "This is the third case of Blue Face Syndrome I've seen in a very short time. I want you to go to the Asylum for a few days, just for some tests."

Craig Dorm Revisited Strangeways Asylum


The strange TESLA machine is made by Wintermuteai for Simslice.