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Omri Chan

Omri Chan was adopted by a headmaster, Clarence.

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While Clarence worked on his fitness, Omri tried to work on catching up with his schoolwork, but he was a long way behind. They got a dog, Grimalkin, who liked to eat homework. Or so Omri told Clarence. Clarence was not convinced but (in his parental, not professional capacity) accepted that homework was not the most important thing in life. 

Feeling that teaching was leaving him stale, Clarence got a job as Prison Officer (Nights) hoping that would allow him to spend more time with Omri in the daytime. After some major discussions with the Social Worker, Omri was sent to a special school.

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While she agreed he would still be allowed to live at home with his prison officer father, who guaranteed his behaviour.

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A prison officer's hours are very long. As time passed, Omri spent most of his time alone. He didn't count the Nannies. He walked Grimalkin, did his homework, fed himself with his little muffin cooker, and was fairly content. But he did now go to school regularly and had discovered the joys of showers. For socialising there was the Net. He spent a LOT of time on the Net as he didn't need much sleep, and most of the Nannies couldn't care less what he was up to so long as their access to bathrooms and kitchen was unblocked and he didn't let Grimalkin pee on the floor or bite them.

So before long, he had his own domain, omrichan.com, and could afford to buy his "Dad" a running machine for Christmas.

Also, his nannies (the social workers had insisted they have two at a time) didn't mind at all that he often took Grimalkin for a walk in the wee small hours, so he and the dog were often to be seen enjoying the late night air and company in town. Clarence felt a little uneasy at this, and arranged to work daytime rather than nighttime shifts.

Out food shopping one afternoon, they met Jessica Ebadi, who offered Clarence work for the City Council instead. The hours would be a lot easier, so he accepted.

Omri played ball with Snowball and Lord Woot, and he and Clarence grilled hot dogs. Clarence thought Snowball was lovely.

Omri's birthday party was fun, but he had already decided that his birthday present to himself would be a trip to the stylists.

Snowball and Lord Woot were getting on very well.

Woot also liked Dawn.

Kent Wren, a gatecrasher to the party, asked Clarence if he would like to date a friend of Kent's. Clarence said "Sure, why not?"

That person was Jesslla Schlem. And Clarence did like her a lot. He thought he would call her again. After the party, most of the guests had gone, and Dawn was trying hard to flirt with him. "You're married, Dawn!"

The next day, Omri got a new haircut, as promised.

His birthday presents from Clarence were a juke box and a motor bike!

In a short (Sim-)time, Jesslla had moved in with Clarence, Omri and Grimalkin. And Omri set off for Strangeways Polytechnic.

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Omri Chan is a self-sim from MATY.