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3 Cover Up Road

3 Cover Up Road was a busy research establishment. The apparent research into astronomy was a cover for the real research, but all Sims who came to work and live here had to sign the Official SimSecrets Act, which was binding on pain of discumbobulation.

Many of the Sims who couldn't find work immediately after leaving Strangeways Polytechnic came to work here at some point. The only requirements were that they be employed in some form of the Science careers.

Guy Carton worked there for a little. But he lost his job as a Test Subject! (It was because of his colour-blindness, he said. He never could get the choice right between the blue and red liquorice. They both looked sort-of-brownish to him.)

However, he landed on his feet because there was an advertisement for a Tarot Card Reader; the interview was arranged for tomorrow; he had the qualifications for it and thought he was in with a good chance. He planned to stay at 3 Cover Up Road until his replacement arrived, as there were standing instructions NOT to leave the Facility unSimmed.

He heard a taxi pull up, it should be Aner returning with the new arrivals. He looked out to see who it was. His heart missed a beat. Virginia Rancher! The girl he most wanted to at college. Actually the girl most blokes wanted to, but she had given the impression of being very shy. He sighed. Should get packing, he supposed... but now that Virginia had arrived, he didn't want to.

He ran out, trying to look nonchalant. "Hey, welcome to the Facility. I was thinking we might throw a party tonight, kind of welcome you here? And because I have to leave soon as well..."

Aner thought this was a great idea, Guy could tell by the slow smile spreading over his face. "I'll go rustle up some booze, be right back."

"Late night party, you think?"

Aner grinned. "Why not? We need more subj..." he shut up quickly at Guy's meaningful look.

Virginia gave Guy a hug. "Hi, stranger! Long time no see!"

He looked at her, and did a strange thing without really understanding why. He kissed her hand. "I missed you."

"Ahhh!" She looked at him. "You did?"

"Where did you get that sunburn?"

"I've been on holiday, too much sunbathing."

Trying not to think of Virginia in a bikini, he nevertheless felt completely overcome by romantic feelings.

Completely on impulse, he dropped on one knee. "Marry me!" he said.

She laughed, and then realised he was serious.

Virginia looked at him. "You mean it? You're not kidding?"

He nodded. Through a lump in his throat he managed to say "Never been more serious."

She gasped. "Then my answer is - YES!"

The party had become a wedding!

The party was great. They all missed work, except for Aner. In the middle of it all somewhere, Guy remembered making his promises to Virginia. But it was all rather a blur.

Someone (probably Aner, the practical one) set up the wedding arch.

And without much ado, or many witnesses, they were married.

It was snowing. "How romantic!" said Christian Love.

"C-c-cold though" shivered Jeromy, in spite of his warm tweed suit.

"Hey! Don't cough on me! I don't want your germs! What are you doing here anyhow? You're not a scientist?"

"I'm his 'Plus One'" gasped Jeromy, pointing to S Bassoon Brudder. "I still work at the Asylum."

"How's your sunburn?"

"I'm glad this has no sleeves. Your jacket must be murder."

"It is. I can barely move."

"Alice looks nice today."

"Poor Jeromy," said Virginia.

They put the bubble blower outside and everyone had a wonderful time with it, except that Jeromy's cold turned into pneumonia. It seems he was a plague vector, because they all became ill after that party.

Now Jeromy was addicted to bubble since University, and tended to overdo it; this time it was working in conjunction with his early-stage pneumonia, and the bitterly cold night air, to affect his breathing.

Or rather STOP his breathing.

"You had enough bubble Jer? ... oh you in trouble?" (pats back) "Shit, that didn't work. Anyone know the Heimlich Manoeuvre?"

"Help? Anyone? Oh bugger."

"I'll go get help..."

"Too late, the reaper is already here."

S. Bassoon Brudder dropped to his knees in the snow. "Please!"

"Tell me he matters to you and I'll consider it."

"We were going to be partners. I... LIKE him. I... "

"You were?" asked Guy.


"Then tell me," rumbled the Reaper, "Which hand do I hold his soul in?"

He guessed right. Well, left, but right... Right?

"Score!" whooped S Bassoon Brudder. "Jezzer's back!"

The Grim Reaper muttered something that Alice Barnstormer later swore was "It ain't over till it's over," and disappeared. Alice was stoned at the time so no-one took it very seriously.

Jeromy appeared none the worse for wear, but was still coughing.

The next night, with the newlywed couple, Guy and Virginia, packed off on their honeymoon, the new scientists could start their duties stargazing.

Aner briefed the newcomers. "Okay. Rule Number One. Only Scientists live here. If you have a job in one of the Science fields, your work and contribution to Research is welcome here. If not, go find some other place to doss." He looked meaningfully at Jeromy.

"Hey, I'm with him! Partners are allowed! A double bed doesn't take up much more room than a single."

"Fair enough. S. Bassoon Brudder is on my list as a Lab Assistant. By the way, what does the S stand for?"

S. Bassoon blushed. "I can't say."

Jeromy giggled. "I know!"

"You wouldn't tell?"

"Sue! Sue! Sue!" Jeromy ran all around the building, shouting "Sue, Sue!" S Bassoon chasing him playfully,

until he was brought up short by an attack of coughing.

"Shoot that hurt. Is that blood?"

S Bassoon caught him and held him, as he had done many times, waiting for the coughing fit to pass.

It did not pass.

"We really should get you to a doctor."

"Can't breathe..." Jeromy gasped, somehow talking without breath. "No - wanted to be with you..."

His lips were turning blue.

"Call an ambulance! Help!" shouted S Bassoon.


But it was too late. Jeromy tried to reach up to Aner.

And Alice Barnstormer, who had been just outside the building when she heard the commotion.

The Grim Reaper was already there.

Zoom in

Through the marvels of modern technology and the extra-high-sensitive CCTV cameras installed at 3 Cover Up Road for completely other reasons, we can even look over his shoulder at his notes.

There was a very awkward silence.It was dawn.

Aner said, in his Asperger's, slightly pompous way, "It's customary to say nice things about the departed."

So they all tried to say nice things about Jeromy. But even S Bassoon Brudder found it difficult to say anything nice, as he was in shock and still coughing himself.

"He was - I was going to say good in bed, but we never got there..."

"Geez, I'm sorry, S Bassoon. You didn't try to plead this time."

"I couldn't, was coughing, out of breath - it all happened so fast!"

Alice Barnstormer said "He was - not a snob."

Aner said "I'm afraid I didn't really know him. He only arrived yesterday and spent most of his time on the bubble machine."

So that was that.

Aner went off to inform the Sim authorities, and told the chaps they should get back to work. "I still need some observations. Oh blast, it's day already. Oh well, tomorrow night. Suggest you get some sleep while you can."

The Further Adventures of Jeromy Craig