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Witch Beldam

She had many friends.

"What would you like me to do, Master?" Witch was under the mistaken impression that Lord Woot was - well, her Master.

By the time she had realised her mistake, she was pregnant... resulting in a small person called Gavin. 

On reaching toddlerhood, it became very clear who his parent was.

"Have you been spinning me a yarn?!"

It was very clear Gavin's father was Lord Woot.

The obligatory cute baby pictures.

Now that paternity was not an issue, Pescado Senior was happy to befriend Gavin.

Gavin asked him, "are you my Daddy?" Pes said "It seems highly improbable."

"I'll be your friend instead. That's a LOT better."

Witch's familiar cat didn't seem to know he was meant to be a familiar.

Woot following - a sheep? down the road after a paternal visit.

"But why don't the other kids look like me?"

"It's not my job to explain that to you. Ask your Mom."

Witch had a succession of boyfriends but never met the One, and she was quite picky. "Aren't you engaged already?"

Armando Cox came to stay. She adopts stray cats and sometimes has several around the lot. Armando got her pregnant. 

Witch was not pleased to be pregnant again.

Gavin pretended he was the Reaper.

When her baby was born, she called her Sian.



Lord Woot is made b y Akabarl and is on Mod the Sims 2.

Witch Beldam is a self-Sim from MATY, changed a little. (Yes, she dyed her hair.)