[ Witch chapter 1 ][ Strangeways ]

Bren Beldam

Found she was soon bored by Shea Johnson, her next boyfriend.

She told folks that he had simply disappeared. In fact, he was vapourised by a strange green gun she had acquired from some odd trader at the CattleMarket car boot sale. Then she invited Armando Cox to come and live with her. He was nice looking but penniless, so she encouraged him to get a job. She became pregnant, much to her dismay. She became friends meanwhile with One Jeff.

Armando met with an unfortunate accident.

Gavin was away at university.

He brought a girlfriend to visit during vacation, Nicole Toyonaga.

Bren currently has a witch, Tara Mellon,living with her, training her in the Dark Arts. It's very hard work, but Tara says Bren has a natural aptitude.

Tara also doubled as Sian's Nanny and supplemented the family's income quite nicely by creating magical objects for sale.

"Not that I need a Nanny. But when I grow up I'm gonna be a witch like my Mommy."

Bren and Tara and Sian flew on their broomsticks to the pet shop.

Bren was making a list.

"Collars, pet treats - I think we have to get some hair dye for you as well, Tara. You look a bit drab - but some colour would really brighten you up."

Bren, always on the lookout for fresh blood, chatted up a repoman, with no luck; Tara met Larry Hookins, whom she did like a lot, but who told her he was already married.

Bren was soon working on her next conquest, a frog-faced Townie called Jason Wade. "You will do nicely." She invited Jason to stay the night, and worked her charms on him. By morning, he was hooked. The maid had heard it all before.

"Might this be a good time to ask for a raise?"

"Shuddup or I'll turn you into a frog."

Bren was think she might keep this one. His looks didn't put her off too much, and he was very fit, as a dancer should be; a good earner, and had a pleasing personality.

Tara agreed to dye her hair. She made it a strong red colour, and then she decided to move out to a place of her own - partly because she disliked Bren's new boyfriend but partly because little Sian was all grown up into a child now, and due to start school: and Bren was at that point as a witch where she really needed to branch out on her own and cast a few spells.

Well, life went on there until one day Jason wandered through the kitchen with a screwdriver. "I'm just gonna upgrade the computer - I read this magazine where it said it was easy." Bren didn't really think what he had meant until she had finished her grilled cheese sandwich.

She started to run to Sian's bedroom, where the computer was. "No, Jason! it's too dangerous!" but it was already too late.

Little Sian saw her "Uncle" Jason flash, glow transparently, and die. She watched calmly as the Reaper arrived.

Then she seemed to decide what was going on between her Mum and the Reaper was "grown-up talk" and went back to playing with her cars.

The Grim Reaper told the weeping, pregnant Bren, "That's karma for you. You didn't mean this one to die, did you?"

Bren at this point completely lost it.

Upon examining her, the doctor discovered Witch was pregnant as well as completely prostrate with grief. The doctor decided she should spend a little time in the Asylum.

They agreed that Tara would move back in to look after Sian, so that she wouldn't have to go into care. Also, Tara's older brother Gavin was in his final term at Uni, and would be coming home as soon as he had graduated.

Tara adopted a stray cat called Kim.

Gavin finally came back from Strangeways Polytechnic, though not so much in triumph. He had graduated with a GPA of 3.4 in Mathematics.

Tara moved back to her own place.

To be continued.