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Rohina Butt


Moved to a small bungalow, with her two dogs, Bonnie Charlie and Regina; she hoped to breed lavendar poodles.

The dogs were both quite aggressive, and she encouraged that. Good guard dogs!

"And the house, well, it isn't much, but material things don't matter. I'll be Education Minister soon. Initially, of course, I have to apply for a position at the school. But the dogs both have jobs, so I can study. I wonder if there IS even a school here? These villagers seem completely benighted."

Going just a little stir crazy while she couldn't afford to go out anywhere, she went to fill in a hole her dogs had dug, and discovered she enjoyed the physical exertion of it. She kept on digging. Her rewards: a toucan statue, several rocks, a couple of bones and two maps. Oh and she was getting fitter.

There was a freak cold spell. Neighbours had told her this NEVER happened in Strangetown, but it did.1

The following day, digging in the snow, she discovered a treasure chest, and a valuable vase. These treasures netted her almost 20K in total. She treated herself to a whole new study.

One night both dogs decided to attack the bone that was on the lowest shelf of this set. Oddly enough, the bones on the upper shelves started dancing... that was the start of a SimQuake. She had to furnish her house all over again. "Well, I know I like to dig... maybe I can find more treasure." 

A few weeks after the SimQuake, she realised that she had three bolts for Lemmiwinks. Love had sneaked up on them. She worked with Lemmi, and thought of him as a colleague - but now, well, maybe he could be more.

Teaching was exhausting work, but by the end of the week she was promoted to Teacher's Aide, and engaged to Lemmi :) (note the dog contributing to household income while the humans mess about romantically.)

Lemmi asked Rohina to move in with him. And she accepted :) They would save up for a grand wedding, which was very important to her.

Rohina's dogs had three puppies, Prince, Princess and Duchess.

While the puppies were still small, Rohina realised she too was pregnant. "We will have to bring the wedding forward a few weeks," said Lemmi. "It's not the end of the world. In fact I'm delighted!"

Tidying up the garden in preparation for the wedding.

Rohina had bought a gorgeous wedding gown but, as she was becoming rapidly more pregnant, simply couldn't fit into it. So she wore a nice cocktail dress, which had a little more "give" built in, instead.

Having a wedding party on a Saturday morning might have been a mistake as some of the guests had to leave to go to work.In fact, Lemmi himself  had to go to school for a meeting shortly after the wedding party finished.

They had not planned a honeymoon as they still had puppies in the house, and because of having to bring the wedding forward. 

Gali was getting some interested looks.


So many toasts were said that some of the guests had to sit down.


"I have an itch - just here..."

"Oh, Rohina, you look so sweet... How unconventional of you, to wear a cocktail gown! That wedding dress I saw you buying, it would of course squash the babies' head, no?" 

"Gali! You look so pretty today! That is a simply beautiful dress, and you've got the figure to wear it."

"It's twins, Gali, and thanks for asking." Lemmi wondered why Rohina was clenching and unclenching her fists.

And the final ritual:

The wedding party was the hit of the district. Even a curious Townie came to watch the wedding And the post-woman, but she wasn't able to stay long. "I'll just grab a piece of cake, thank you!"

Lemmi was hungry.

"Hey, Pescado, how do you like my Michael Jackson suit?"

"You want the honest answer or the polite one, Fairlight?"

"I can't wait for all these people to go home..."

And they wouldn't go...

"The more crisps I eat, the more I drink, the more crisps I eat, the more I drink..."

Things like this only make sense when one is drunk.

"Four-legged, not cat, must be canine. Therefore, no, you don't want my salad."

And finally, the last few guests departed.


"Well, Mrs. Winks!"

"Well, Mr. Winks!"

That evening, they sat out in the garden alone but for a dog or two.

"It's such a relief to be able to stop holding my tummy in!"

The morning after. Somebody has a hangover.

Puppies aged up and were adopted.

Their babies were born, Tiddle Winks and Widdle Winks, twin boys. "Now we will have to expand the house," grinned Lemmi. "Instant family!"

"I think I quite like this mothering business," she smiled. 

The twins - their parents were still very much in love, grabbing one another as soon as they got out of the carpool.

Tiddle grew into an unusually ugly but bright and friendly toddler.

"Lemmi, are you sure your grandad wasn't green?"

"No. Are you?"

His twin brother Widdle had incredibly long hair and was - not very bright - preferring to spend his time with the dogs than with people: in fact he slept in one of the dogs' kennels quite a lot as a toddler. 


In fact his brother teased him that he thought he was a doggy.

Lemmi was by now working in the Vice Squad, and Rohina had returned to work as a Supply Teacher, and soon got a proper job as an Elementary School Teacher.

With such busy lives, they had little time for the boys, who were more or less brought up by themselves, and in Widdle's case, by the dogs.

Three bolt couples.... sigh.


Entertaining seemed to be in the family's genes.

Their dogs had more puppies, Princess Di and Princess Meg. The humans were doing well in their careers, Rohina as High School Teacher, Lemmi as Lieutenant. Lemmi built a greenhouse and some children's climbing equipment in the garden.


Notes and Credits

1 (The Hood was supposed to be set to spring, summer, autumn, summer, but it keeps SNOWING!)

Rohina and Lemmi are of course MATY self-Sims. Rohina from this thread and Lemmi here. They make amazing kids!