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Rhayden Stardust

Rhayden was a single guy, and LIKED being single. He had a small bungalow, and a cat. He went out dancing and dated various Sims, but didn't find "the One". When Lyndsey Louie, a pretty Townie, agreed to move in with him, he was pretty content. She might not be "the One", but she was fun, and pretty. He was good for now. Comfortable. He didn't have to go out trying to find company, as it was here already. And she was a fair cook as well, kept his home clean, and so he had more time to teach his cat Monkfish to do tricks

When he realised Lyndsey had become pregnant, he was totally shocked. He just wasn't ready for that sort of commitment. 

Lyndsey was happy but spent a lot of time thinking about the future. She knew his feelings on families and was well aware that he might not support her. Well, she would manage.

He stayed until little Lucien Rhayden Louie was born.


When it came to her "time" he was bogged down in some gaming discussion on a Sims 2 forum and was far too busy to assist with the birth.

Then he took his cat and his car and left. "Better bedsit-land than nappies." He gave Lyndsey the house and his best wishes and went off to make a fresh start.

He moved into an industrial squat with a friend, as he had very little money. "Better drunks than kids".

To be continued.