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Tina and her children moved to this mansion from Appaloosa; she called it Macondo. Tina felt the house was completely OTT, but she would work on toning it down. Of course, they had no money worries at all, as her late husband had left the family very well off; where the money had come from was something she tended not to think about. Her husband Giovanni Gotti had been an Emperor of Evil, the son of an infamous Emperor of Evil, Don Salvatore Renzella.

Benjamino, her brother-in-law, had traced them to Appaloosa after his daughter Morgause's death and his own retirement from pro football. But by the time his sources had got hold of an address they had moved again to Sanctuary, and he finally found them here in Manu Valley.

Tina made Benjamino welcome.

"This is a great town. The fishing is particularly wonderful. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter Morgause. But if you're at a loose end, you're very welcome to stay here with us, there's so much room in this house! We're still finding our feet so thre are a few things that are - a bit odd. The previous owner won a Kitsch Design Contest with it."

"It's quite charming. I'll stay, for a while anyhow. Thank you. I would like to get to know my nephews and nieces. It kind of makes up for... Morgause. And Morgaine, of course."

"Oh yes, the little one. What a tragic tale. Well, we here are quite an uneventful family. No secrets, nothing untoward, apart from Giovanni's turning himself into a statue, anyhow. And even that was a very long time ago, now."

"How on earth did that happen?"

"I'll show you later. His statue was decorating my pond for years, on our farm in Appaloosa. Come and look at his statue! and then I'll show you your room."

"This house is such fun. Talk about kitsch! I'm going to take it very slowly, tone it down gradually and eventually it'll be just right for us. No wonder it was so expensive with all these amazing statues everywhere! But I think I'll get rid of most of the statues... though not that one."

"I've got something to tell my Daddy, if you would excuse us please Mama," said Sonia, who had only really known her father as a statue: he had been transmuted when she was still a toddler.

Tina finally decided to mount Giovanni's statue, by far the most valuable thing in the house, on the balcony and remove the other two statues from up there to make him the focus of attention.

Giovanni II's priority on arriving was to make sure the animals were comfortable (read spoiled). Giovanni II is Giovanni's clone, cares far more for the animals than for anyone in his family, and constantly reminds Tina of his father. They have two cats, one a ghost, and two horses, of which one is also a ghost.

Tina's favourite quiet, cosy corner. This little roomlet is sheltered by tapestries, the seating sunken into the floor and a handy keg parked just outside.

Basement playroom for the teens.

Benjamino threw himself into helping Tina reorganise the garden. Glint, the ghost horse, approved.

They built a small family mausoleum out in the grounds for Giovanni's and Don Salvatore's tombstones.

Don Salvatore loved this bathroom. "Now these people really knew how to live."

But Giovanni wasn't impressed with the boys' bedrooms. "Hey, Dad! Don't complain, these rooms haven't been redecorated yet!"


The new house is called Casa de Los Reinos by Cogitoros, from the Exchange. I reduced the kitsch - a little!


"Casa de las Reinas

This house was built by Cogitotoro for the Tacky Gaudy House contest put on by aricarai and Joolster. It is very extremely extraordinarily tacky and gaudy. 2 BR suites with baths; LR with bar, full party area and TV/conversation pit; DR with bar and buffet; big kitchen; basement rec/game room with bar; 2 half baths; pool and hot tub in back. Lots of store content and MOO used. No cc or mods."