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Developments in Manu Valley

Buddy and Michel

Now officially single again, Michel Foucault moved in with his friend Buddy Keenan to a lovely old-fashioned looking house.

Buddy had been advised by his boss at the school that being a renowned graffiti artist might not be the most politic of skills for a schoolteacher, so he decided to leave the teaching profession and instead was doing occasional work as a low level Investigator while still making murals.

One lovely summer night they were both outdoors in the garden (Michel in the paperboy costume for - um - reasons) when Michel heard a strange sound - it was a comet. They ran inside and hid in the kitchen. But it virtually destroyed their garden.

Once all the fires were put out, Buddy collected all the pieces and got 19 scrap, 2 large chunks of rock and one huge.

When sold, this lot was worth a total of §3656. Enough for him to replace his old motorbike which had been in the driveway and now formed much of the scrap.

Alvin Dutch

Alvin Dutch moved in to another of the tiny houses by the seafront. He found a delightful new shop, Seaside Specialities, which also had an alchemy working area for him to develop his skills.

With a delightful new shop assistant.

The Lefures

Michel and Sidonie Lefure bought the Diner on the Seafront and redecorated it as a traditional TeaRoom.

It proved very popular.


Buddy and Michel's home is by Manu and available from the thread on The Sims Daily.