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The Birds and the Bees

Spock Block got his degree in Communications.

He gave a short talk on his research, "The Birds and the Bees", with Jay Linfield providing guitar backing, at the newly re-opened Opera House.


Ville Simmer had fallen into the habit of selling his produce at Seaside Specialities, partly because he liked Michelle, and partly because the shop was open quite late, and quiet, giving them a chance to chat.

"I think I will ask her out. She doesn't seem to have any boyfriends, and she is so pretty."

"I like her a lot. Do you think we could make it work?"

Daisy mooed and won the game.

Outside the shop. Hesitating.

"Hello, is Michelle here?"

"It's me, silly! But you have to go now, my boss will be coming by in a minute. It's time for my assessment."

Sabrina: "Michelle, I don't expect my staff to be dressed in boxes. Don't bother coming in on Monday."

When she told him she lost her job, Ville was sorry. He felt partly responsible for her strange outfit. Maybe she was stressed or something? Could that be his fault?

"The worst part is that my apartment came with the job. I have nowhere to stay now."

"Oh no! Look, I have a spare room, come and stay with me, if you don't mind cows and chickens. It's quite a nice farm. Oh and I put in a hot tub!"

"Oooo not at all. I grew up on my Dad's farm. Did you say hot tub? You mean a spa?"

Ville thought he was dreaming when she asked "I know it's cheeky of me, but do you need any help on your farm? I would love to go back to growing things."

"I would like that very much!"

"Oh. Let me change out of these boxes."


Ville's house in autumn. "The garden is magnificent!"

After a long day working in the fields,

A quick kiss in the barn,

And a good soak.

"Now this I could get used to."

"I would like you to get used to it... and to me."

She immediately became pregnant, and started to wonder whether there was enough room in the little house for a family.

It looks as if there was something in the air.