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A Good Night's Shopping

Having decided he would get a job, Garrett had to study. Sitting in the rain outside the library might not be the best thing, but after all, he was new to this kind of thing.

While Em went to a Martial Arts try-out session.


~~~~~~~~~~There may be Spoilers here if you are planning to do the Lamorini Tomb~~~~~~~~~~

Since Em was busy, and he was bored, Garrett went back to the Lamorini Store. It was not hard to get inside, as one of the side doors had an easy lock. So many ingots on display made his fingers itch but he couldn't reach them inside the protected cases.

He explored the building: there were several floors and a lift. All those lovely gems and ingots - he wondered how long he would have to escape if he were to break the glass. Not long enough, he suspected.

But then he heard a small tinkling, like a lock snapping back. He had good ears, and eventually worked out where the sound came from.

This door, which had been locked, now opened into a small office.

The bookshelf in the office contained books on hacking. How strange!

Now, Garrett had what we call "street-smarts." And he had played a few rounds of Left 4 Dead 2. He could try!

He continued to explore, avoiding traps and finding more hidden doors. He got into the back parts of the store, where customers were not supposed to be... there were no alarms set, which he found rather worrying. It was almost as if someone wanted him to find his way through this maze of a building.

He managed to glean a very few gems. They wouldn't fetch much, and then he discovered he had to give them up again to unlock yet another puzzle, which opened a door which locked itself behind him. Ut oh.

Solved yet another puzzle to get to a SECOND lift!

And that led to a basement, dazzling and full of GOLD like a dragon's hoard,

Here is proof... He kept the note that came with the ingot because it was his proof of ownership. Stunned, and loaded with his treasures, he set off home.

When Garrett finally arrived home, he found Em in a state. "Where've you been? I've been so worried!"

"I was - working," he half-lied. "I had an opportunity come up that, well, it paid off and we're very rich! I'm so sorry I couldn't get in touch with you. there was no signal."

She was shaking. "What have you done? No, don't tell me. Would you drive me to the hospital please? I was so worried, I think I have another episode coming on."

"Sure. Don't worry, love, it's all above board. Now."