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The Opera House

"Good morning, Mr. Armstrong.

Marco Bartoli, a very rich Sim who died recently under mysterious circumstances in Manu Valley, was the son of Gianni Bartoli who owned The Opera House. Your mission, Lance, should you decide to accept it, is to investigate the building and locate the treasure left there by Marco Bartoli, which will then be available to you to fund other... covert activities. You will be well rewarded for your trouble, but, should you be caught or killed, the Department will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This mission would be best accomplished alone, without any of your usual team, as they are currently dispersed throughout other parts of Seurope."

"This recording will self-destruct ninety seconds after the breaking of the seal. Good luck, Lance."

He went off to dress and prepare for work.

When he came back, there was a lot of smoke and a heavy plastic smell. Lance opened a window, even though it was the middle of winter.

"That's a write-off now. I'm sure there must be a better way to send a one-off message."

This being a free day, with no political meetings, he headed to the Opera House (currently Closed for Renovation).

He did eventually manage to pick the lock on the front door.

But access to the upper part of the building, where he needed to be, was by climbing scaffolding poles at the back.

He met a very attractive Sim on the way in.

Invited her to explore with him, but she didn't fancy all the climbing, preferring to send text messages on her phone.

He eventually did gain admittance. The dressing rooms seemed pretty much as one would expect.

Aerial walkway.

A fair amount of rubble to clear.

With loot underneath! And dive pools - jumping into one, he discovered that he could travel through ducts to many other parts of the building, up and down as well as horizontally.

I don't know why he thought this was so spooky.

But the electical wiring in the attic was quite dodgy. He had to break each circuit with an old statue to get across.

Made it?

More or less.

After many trials and tribulations, he discovered this message.

"We are getting near. This is the secret room key, come as soon as possible at 52, Via Caravelli, Venice. Signed Marco Bartoli."

Venice! This was a small commercial district of Manu Valley, mostly abandoned these days. There were canals and some locked-up, mysterious houses. Lance had never been there before.

But now it was sunset and he had meetings tomorrow. So that would be for another day.

Far more important, as he sat with his girlfriend in the State Dining Room late that night, with a last glass of wine, she reminded him that "We need to find homes for these kittens. They are constantly underfoot."

They decided Milo would go to the Marx family, and Milawa to Ville Simmer.


The Opera House and Via Caravelli are both tombs made by 123valy on TSR.