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Spock in Manu Valley

Once more single, Spock was ambitious and hoping to establish himself in a new place.

In this apparently sleepy little town, he bought the small-town newspaper offices, so he would be able to be his own boss.

Already working on his next novel (which would be the first to be published) "33 Ways to Skin a Cat".

Which he finally sent off to the publishers. Next a Scifi novel.

Enterprising journalist that he was, he immediately interviewed the only person he knew - the barman at the local pub. "I can talk up the pub a bit, get you some customers."

"We have plenty - but I would love to tell you about what happened to me."

Interviewed Hairy Gnome.

"Before I moved here, I lived in the Islands. I had an awful experience there. I shared a house with my uncle. A lot older than me, but good fun. Well, one day the Grim came for him. I missed him. But I tried to carry on."

But for months after that night I felt as though the Grim hadn't really left, he was just sitting right beside me, if I were to turn my head a little I would see him. It was terrifying. I didn't dare look around, or behind me.

And so I moved out, came to Manu Valley. I thought I had got away with it, no more Grim. One afternoon I was dumpster diving, and I heard a voice speaking my name from inside the dumpster. At least, that's what I thought I heard. Doctor tells me it wasn't speaking to me at all. But it really freaked me out."

"I was so scared all I could do was sit at home, on my bed, and shake. I got so thin you could see my bones. The Doctor - eventually someone came and banged on my door, they carted me off to the hospital... She gave me some wonderful blue pills and now I'm so well I can walk to the end of my street, where this pub is! And come here to work and see all my friends!

Yes, I used to have terrible agoraphobia. But I'm fine now." He gave a blood-curdling laugh, and smiled up sweetly at Spock.

It the Sims Daily Offices, where Cornelia dropped in to do some illustrations, while Gunther just liked to keep an eye on what's going on.

So Spock asked him "What do you think of Hairy Gnome? Is he on the level?"

"Oh, he's fine. So long as the moon isn't full!"

Spock shrugged and wrote a nice little self-help story on Hairy Gnome and a review of the Dog and Duck.

Ville Simmer, meanwhile, went to the Town Hall and bought a field beside his home. He already had three cows and a hutch full of chickens. But he wanted MORE!

Where he built himself a small shed to shelter from the frequent rain.

And keep an eye on his three cows, upwind and from a small distance.


Manu Valley was made by Picasso on The Sims Daily, from this thread. It uses a modified Sunset Valley terrain and is available from

The Sims Daily Forum › Gallery › TS3 Pictures › Dailies Photo Albums Part Two
[Sims 3] Manu Valley: The Week end pressies!

Ville is a self-Sim who's already in the world, and listed in the same Sims Daily thread.

Spock is of course a self-Sim from MATY, and has had numerous adventures in my worlds. He lives in the converted factory also made by Picasso, where she had a younger version of Gobias Koffi living. I moved him out as he's already in another of my worlds.

Hairy Gnome was made by Webbymom of The Sims Daily.

Ville Simmers' lovely tulips are from Mod the Sims 2 by MissRosehip.

Most of the buildings in this world, including the library buildings are also made by Picasso. I've adapted the library slightly to make what appears to be a larger lot with bookshops and school in the same buildings.