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Catching up. Pertwees, Gotti, Pescado, Grammy and Takahashi


The Pertwee boys went to the Sunken City for the summer.

Jon chatted up the proprietor up to the accompaniment of his younger brother Lemuel.

And earned the opportunity to put on some shows there.

Summer over, they decided to settle in Sanctuary, all three of them, Jon, Shemuel and Lemuel.

Jon Pertwee bought a big house by the beach for himself and his brothers.

Back to their old routine, Jon practising his tricks in the park and the brothers forming a ready-made audience, and his fiercest critics.

He was rapidly promoted to level 5 of the Magician career.

Sanctuary for Gottis

Tina, now a widow, bought a house on top of the hill, 1 Summerfair Ridge in Sanctuary, extended it, and built a barn for the horses; her family now consisted of Tina, her children, Ernesto, Giovanni II and Sonia, their pets Georgie cat and Manzanita horse, Dizzy the ghost cat and Glint the ghost horse.

Once they had built a barn, redecorated and made enough bedrooms for all of the family, they were seriously over budget. Tina thought she should go back to work.

Ernesto, still at school, said he would also look for part-time work. His father had bought him a rather expensive car as a present, just before he died, so he felt a little guilty. Tina didn't mind, and said she would rather enjoy working once again, and she'd prefer he worked hard at school. Was there a Drama Club here? Ernesto had already decided he wanted to go into films, and one of the reasons they had moved to Sanctuary was the Film Studios here.

"I still can't believe they PAY me to do this!"

Kitaro Takahashi

Bought a tiny caravan in the swamps, which turned out to be so small he couldn't play his instruments inside.

Went to the park, which turned out to be flooded at high tide. That child is SWIMMING, not flying!

As you can see, a very small living space. But now he was working, he managed to redecorate and add a few touches that made it feel a bit more homely.


Pescado and his family moved into a large modern house on the Esplanade.

So Pescado, (his second, or is it third?) wife Reggikko, Junior, Umaymanourbese Custerolopoli (a mummy) and the cats, Pavlov, Tetris, Toulouse and Ivanova.

Umay (for short) started to wear a little makeup to cover her mummified skin, and grew her hair. She still had her own teeth though!

She had some traits of the Daredevil, and seeing how disturbed Pes got every time they met in the house, decided she wanted a place of her own, so got a little trailer.

The cats had a kitten, and Umay took this baby cat with her, and called her Bastis.

"J.M.P. here. Yes, my son Junior is at your school. No, not about him this time... I'm calling to ask at what age you take younger children? Oh. No nursery class? What a pity."

Umay commissioned Pes to write her biography.

Grammy Cat

Grammy Cat lives with Pesbot (who thinks she is Pescado's daughter) and her five cats. Grammy got a job as a dishwasher at the local diner, because feeding five cats is expensive.

They have a lovely trailer, and extended it to make more space for the cats and for a bunk for Pesbot.

Pesbot found a place to work, at an abandoned factory nearby. She installed a workbench and a gem cutter and started to hammer away. Working here, the noise wouldn't disturb anyone.She made harvesters and sold them at the Consignment Store. She knew there were other bots living locally, and wondered whether they might also come and work with her. She would have to find a way to pass word around.


Sanctuary is a world and savegame by SimSample, available from N99, and includes the Llanthony Warehouse, Bradling Wharf, Junkyard, that Pesbot is building in.

Grammy's trailer by Bibi from Neighbourhood 99.

Grammy herself comes from here and was made by Trystiane.

Kitaro Takahashi is a Challenge sim made by MoonstoneWolf based on the real-life musician. See here for more information.

Continued and Continued

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