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Two Guys

Johnny (Jack) Sparrow

Jack Sparrow had a catastrophic experience with his flying houseboat. In short, it crashed. "No, the balloons burst."

Because he had inverted the flux on the retro-gravitic compensators, it continued to hover. But it wouldn't go anywhere. So he was grounded for now.

He needed to find an engineer to get the balloons re-inflated but was, temporarily at least, rather leary of using the boat, and tended to doss down in the blue container parked conveniently near the dock.

He met (read picked up) Jesse Metcalfe, who he thought would make a fine shipmate!

They got chatting, found they had much in common.

Jesse listened avidly to Johnny's tales of adventure.

The next day he went to visit the Capitainerie, close to (almost directly underneath) his ship.

Jesse Metcalfe had an attack of Lolcosis and was told he had to wear a hat for some weeks, so had to stay home and rest. Some of the other sufferers were Elvis Mortinez, and Therese Riley.


Elvis moved out and got a little house, took Karen Simme as a lodger, close to the beach.

Although he's not technically allowed to ride the fire-engine while suffering from Lolcosis, he continued to work on his Firefighter skills.

"I need to improve my Mechanical skill. This computer needs fixing. Whatsup?"

[holds breath]

"It can't be THAT hard."



Johnny Sparrow's ship - which really should have balloons, maybe they are CC I don't have - is from the Exchange by exdemon1120

The gorgeous docklands are of course by Manu, as is the Capitainerie.