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Chapter 4: Two Babies!

Jon Pertwee

Shortly thereafter: "Hooo boy, that was definitely too much sushi."

"Aargh! Something is moving in there! Oh no oh no! Not TENTACLES!"

But it was very soon over, to his huge relief.

"I'm so glad you're not an octopus. Or an alien. Well, maybe a little bit alien. I'm gonna call you Jonty Jim."


Giovanni Gotti, Master Criminal that he was, had left his family well provided for, though the money took some time to come through its circuitous route.

Glint arrived home after flying back through the mountain, just in time for the birth of his foal by Manzanita, Shining Mane.

When she grew up she thought she was a donkey for a little while.

And adult Shining Mane with her mother.


Shining Mane is Glint's foal out of Manzanita. That wasn't planned.

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