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One Hundred Years of Simitude

[or however long the game gives me before it crashes]

The Gottis: The Ranch in Appaloosa

It was quieter there than in the city, but he still found work.

They soon discovered why the large private ranch had been such a bargain.

It's quite haunted.

Tina thought it was an Indian burial ground.

Giovanni obtained a Philosopher's Stone, through some unspecified sources. He was learning to make gold with the Stone.

But he was haunted. "All those ghosts - I think they are trying to warn us," said Giovanna.

"Of what?"

"Something - bad."

"Well I AM the Emperor of Evil."

Honey Darnell

Honey was a lady of a certain age, a veritable superstar in the world of country music, and lived alone in Appaloosa Plains with her horse and best friend forever, Skedaddle Darnell. She was a Rock Lyricist, a minor celebrity.

She heard a burglar. Called the police. her ranch was so far out of town the police didn't get there in time; and she had no idea what the burglar had actually taken.

It's her birthday, so she decides to ride down to the park and play guitar, while Skedaddle dug up potatoes and snoozed.

Back to the Gottis

It was also Giovanni's birthday.

He decided to celebrate his new grey hair by buying a foal for his son Ernesto. Quite a famous foal, Manzanita.

Tina bought him a kitten. And it was soon time for him to go to prep school.

They still have a ghost foal and a ghost cat, which Tina thought would be company for the new animals.