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The Ladeez' Party and its Consequences

The Ladeez' cats were very happy, and less underfoot for the human Sims, with this wonderful cathouse!

The party at the Ladeez house was too noisy. The guests refused to come into the house, so most of the evening was spent just chatting outside. Not too big a deal, as it was a fine night, with snow on the ground. Anne invited Ted Trigato to join her at Bar Surcouf, wanting to get some time alone. Em, never bothered by crowds, was smitten by Garrett Ganjadude and had eyes for nobody else. Spock Block had his hair done in a fake Mohican specially for the party.

Em Turkana, seen here a few days later at the back of the Town Hall, where the Military Base (really just a tiny office) for this little town was. She had transferred into the Military as a Squadron leader. Em wasn't known for her reliability and had the ocasional unstable episode, so the Military might be a temporary career.

She arranged to go with Garrett for a date at a posh new store that had just opened, straight from work.

The Lamorini Restaurant.

Garrett said "Oh, I love a woman in uniform."

Garrett thought "I might come back for a private visit. Alone and late at night."

Meanwhile, Em moved into the squat with Garrett, taking the just-grown-up kitten Billy with her, right next door to the Plenozas. "Don't worry," said Garrett. "I think we might be able to move to a better house soon."

Garrett: I'm on top of the Town Hall tower, come join me? I have something to tell you.

Em: OK. I just finished work here, will be up in a mo.

"I have to get my dreads cut off."

"OK - why?"

"I got a job."


"Latrine cleaner."


"I have something for you, as well."

"Oh oh oh! YES YES YES! But I'm in a bit of a hurry. I have to be at the hospital by 5. I can feel one of my Episodes coming on."

So they made their promises right there, on top of the Town Hall, while waiting for her taxi.


Garrett Ganjadude was made by BettyNewbie2 and is on the Exchange

The Lamorini Department Store Tomb is by Ecstatica and is from TSR.

I believe the Ladeez' cathouse is by Sandy at Around the Sims.

For more of Em and Garrett see here.