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Trepie in Newton leFade

Trepie had taken over the old Grey Garl's Castle ruin and was working on renovating it. 

Almost the first thing he did was to put in a good bathroom. Marble to match the stonework, a shower rather than a bath - when he wanted a soak, there was the hot tub downstairs by the pool.

Trepie had started to take over the crime syndicate in Newton leFade, but there was Someone in his way. Someone called Courtney Platt. Trepie had been preparing for the move for some time, and had already laid down his network, recruited runners, bodyguards, collectors... soon it would be time for a takeover. Meanwhile, it was be-nice-to-Courtney time.

His ex-wife was one reason he had come here. He had heard she had had twins. Aggie completely refused to talk to him, and had of course denied him any access to the children.

He thought vaguely that he might like to marry again, but had no plans, and no-one in mind. Meanwhile he was content.

The roof was deliberately flat; he was sure he would want to develop the castle further and meanwhile it made a great lookout.

He did enjoy the Martial Arts and wondered about establishing a local training academy - if he ever had to leave the criminal track. It was important to keep options open.

At the library. (Don't laugh, even Super-villains have to steal books somewhere!)

Literally bumped into Anat Metalkatt and got talking about the castle and the work he was doing on it.

Trepie was enjoying building and repairing the castle as much as any of the evil things he had done. Maybe he should have been an Architect, he reflected. But then he wouldn't have all the money he needed, wanted, craved.

Most of the structure was underground, and so it blended very nicely into the neighbourhood. He had removed the ruins of the old towers. Maybe someday he would rebuild them.

Anat came to visit and see what he had done with the place, but as soon as he started to prepare dinner, decided she had to go. It might have had something to do with a phone call she received. Trepie shrugged. He found Simwomen often discovered very suddenly that they had to be somewhere else, when they found out what he did for a living.

Spock Block, a journalist, interviewed him at the library. Trepie liked him and showed him around the palace.

He also met Rufio at a party. He was very attracted to her. After she left he spent some time talking with Jelenedra, the hostess, and found she also was very good company. She invited him to stay over, and - well, let us draw a curtain, as they say, over that night's events.

Going home the next day, he met Annan Kofi, who he also knew from the library, and flirted with her too.

At "work" he was arrested and was sent to jail for some months. 



He had completely forgotten about Jelenedra.

On his release, he HAD to buy some real (not-prison) food.


A Surprise