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Jelenedra Rakenface

Jelenedra had a nice little trailer, a job at the school, and ALMOST everything she could want. She threw a party and was delighted when one of the local celebrities, Trepie McDark, turned up, and actually seemed to have some interest in her.

"So, tell me what you do for a living?"

"Transport specialist. Import-export, that kind of thing. You wouldn't be interested. You have lovely shoulders..."

"Oh yes I would so be interested! Tell me more?"

"Well, the latest plan is to remove the Mona Lisa from the Art Gallery, replace it with a forgery so no-one will notice, and sell the original to a private collector."

"Ah." She stood up.

He watched. This was usually crunch time. Most Simwomen would run at this point. Was she going to call the police? He felt comfortable with her, and had thought he could trust her. But if he could not, he had his own ways of managing...

But Jelenedra was thinking, as you can see from this picture...

She invited him to stay overnight, and they had a very pleasant time.

She didn't see him again until the day before the babies' birthdays. She had never even phoned him to tell him about them, because he had not called her. Of course, she didn't know that he had been in jail... Her twins were called Jelly and Trippy McDark Rakenface, because she was quite sure they were his children. 

She had managed on her own for that long, but now she was struggling. Her job was long gone, her savings had almost run out. Maybe she could get some child support from him. The last shreds of her pride would have to be squashed. "Even though he didn't call, I will try and ask him for some child support. He's wealthy, he can at least do that for us. I don't believe he is all that evil."

She organised a babysitter, and headed over to his house.

The castle looked quite forbidding, but she was doing this for the sake of her children. And because she loved men with red hair and that soft white skin that goes with it.

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