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The Gardiner legacy

[ The Story Begins ] [ Wedding Album - Fritz and Jane ]


This legacy tale does not follow any specific rules excepte what I have put here. I have no intention of scoring it.

The neighbourhood is Riverview straight out of the box, so far with few Late Night buildings, so it's a fairly rural community. I added a bar so far, the Red Barn; see Credits below.

The family's founder's aim is to become a farmer, and establish a dynasty of farmers in Riverview.

No money cheats.

A note on ageing

I usually play with Epic ageing on and age up as required. I began Fritz with Epic lifespan, and he just reached Adulthood. I don't intend to focus on babies and toddlers as I think they are by far the least interesting ages for Sims 3 Sims, at least until someone makes a good hack to teach them their skills instantly. I play the babies for about 1 Simday and then they have their birthday, the first three Toddlers 2 Simdays. That means they get a negative trait from not having much babyhood, which adds challenge and balance to the world. 

But having got the first generation children to child age, I was shocked to find that Sims 3 children can't garden? Not even water the plants? Come on EA... sigh. (There are mods but so far as I can find out the animation doesn't work.)

But children can fish so they will spend their childhoods fishing and skilling. I shortened the overall lifespan: So for this family and neighbourhood only, I set the ageing to190 and story progression on; by the time Johann and Sebastian reached childhood, I had shortened it again to the shortest EA-style lifespan.


I used is, and made my one Sim, Fritz Gardiner.

You can download their house, with four bedrooms and a mature farm, here.

His long hair is by Peggy

I used Pescado's awesomemod and Twallan's mods Master Controller and Overwatch

Wormwoodz Red Cow Barn is a club in town.

The Ferrier Estate buildings some of the Broke family live in came from London, England, a world made by Jay on the EA Forums - sadly now this project is discontinued.