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Don Salvatore Renzella

Aria Trill, on the rebound from Tom Wordy, was delighted to meet Don Salvatore Renzella, when he introduced himself to her at one of her concerts.

Very soon they were going out together. He was such a gentleman, and tremendously old-fashioned to boot. He never told her what he did, and she was so busy (she had just been promoted to Conductor of the Symphony Orchestra). Very soon they were arranging a small wedding.

"What a whirlwind romance!"

"Life is too short to waste time, my dear. Check and I do believe, mate."

He already had the job of Supervillain. His aim was to reach the Emperor of Evil standing, but that would take some time. His boss, the current owner of that title, was Elvira Slayer, a formidable vampiress.

Skilling at the gym - in his formalwear. Of course there are paparazzi everywhere - and he went looking for this one.

 So he had to join the club. He got bitten by a vampire at the gym. It was all so sudden! He was just gossiping with this nice guy and then WHAM.

Sleeping the uneasy sleep of the just-bitten.

He had two grown-up sons, Giovanni Gotti and Benjamino Gotti, who came to visit for the wedding, and decided to stay on. So the apartment was enlarged to make a room for them, and an extra bathroom.

Don Salvatore bought a share in the East Winds Trading Company. A large share. His boys also started working there.

Aria was asked to give a concert and was buzzing so much when she came out that they started another one right there in the street. She was a night owl so Don Salvatore's night-time habits didn't bother her a bit.

They were very happy together. Aria had been asked to record some songs.

Well, where do you keep your iPod?

He had a business trip to China, went to look for a special item in a tomb.

Found the treasure and took it to Lin. Remembered he was thirsty and was just getting ready to bite her when he - just - expired.

Turned into a pile of ash. Again really suddenly.

"Meh," said Lin, "You clear it up. I'm off to bed."

Reaper and Feng Shui. He seems to approve of Lin's house.

"No hard feelings, amico mio ."

Goodbye, Don Salvatore - or maybe arrivederci!

Aria Renzella