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The Adventures of Young Michael Jackson

Young Michael Jackson comes from Mod the Sims 2. Oh, don't ask how he landed in my Forum Hood; it is a long and complicated story. Of course, having made the Sim, he developed his own very distinct personality so I had to play him and see how he got on with my Forum Sims.

jamming.png (926717 bytes)

Improvised jam session. Mike asked Ellatrue, the brunette, to join his band afterwards.

proposing.png (1469069 bytes)

And sometime, not very long after that, he proposed to Janel. Not JUST because she had her own guitar!

hugging.png (725935 bytes)

She was so delighted she picked him up!

looking.png (749964 bytes)

Janel's first job was to get a complete makeover. Quite an improvement, I think.

Mike couldn't take his eyes off the blonde: "Do you think she would join our band?"

"Can she play anything?"

"Not that I know of..."

"K.... I'll ask."

recruiting.png (564089 bytes)

"Sure, I'ld love to!"

skinnydipping.png (1132924 bytes)

A fun swim after their first gig, which was - a little tuneless, a little uncoordinated, but at least they all managed to finish together!

I made them a house.