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I will try to keep credits and linkages on this page so as not to disrupt the flow of the stories.



Built by CTNutmegger. Brilliant achievement! It has many of the Sims 1 Neighbourhood features and houses.

Bay City 

It's made in a Late Night city so it has bars, clubs, greasy foodwagons and highrise apartments.

Newton leFade

JFadePuddingLand or Newton leFade, as it is called in my game, is a downloaded savegame by Tangie that was available from More Awesome Than You. It already had some of the MATYzens living there; I simply moved the ones I had played from Bay City across. However, it appears the game doesn't like me playing with so many families at the same time, so most of them have emigrated to other Worlds.

CAST (in order of appearance, not importance!)

Evie Leash my self-Sim, available from this site


Young Michael Jackson

Larry Hookins,15359.0.html

Spock Block,19859.0.html 

SimSample and his family 


Pippsi (née Lynn)

Trepie McDark,15179.0.html 

Meggie Who,15519.0.html 

Annan Kofi,15221.0.html 




Leigh Simish

Characters not listed here but shown in the stories are generated by the game or ingame EA Sims.


Bay Chinese Cemetery, by me, downloadable from this site.