Trepie in Newton leFade ] Jelenedra Rakenface ]

A Surprise

Trepie was in a very good mood, being recently released and back in business. He was delighted to see Jelenedra standing on his doorstep. 

"Remember me?"

"I was going to call you. I've been away - in prison. I wanted to call you, but they only let us have one phone call, and they monitor that."

"Oh... I didn't phone you because you didn't phone me. Well anyhow, you remember that night we had together?"

He smiled. "That was a very special night, sweetie."

"It was - and I got pregnant." She watched his face carefully.

"Oh..." his face, to her immense relief, broke into a broad smile.

"You had a little girl?"

"Two... two little girls."

He whooped. "Twins! Must be in the McDark genes! My ex-wife never lets me see our twins," he said sadly. "It makes my heart ache to think of them." he looked sad for a moment. "Now tell me all about your babies! Got any photographs?"

Jelenedra smiled inside. Maybe she had found his soft spot. 

"I called them after you - after all, you're their father. There's no-one else. I've no pictures, I'm sorry, couldn't afford a camera."

He looked seriously at her.

"How are you managing?"

"Not too well. I actually came here tonight to ask you for help. But people say such things about you. I wasn't sure if I should."

"I'm not really so evil. You know that, we did have a good time together, and I do care. I've always remembered our night together." He brushed her cheek with his fingers. "But anyhow - about the children - of course I will give you some child support. Would 1000 a week be enough?"

"Oh, yes!" she smiled, for the first time in weeks. "I've been so worried. I thought you might not want to know."

"Money's not important." 

"It is when you haven't got any."

"Fair point. But the children are safe today?"

"Yes, I got one of the girls from the trailer park to come and give them their tea."

"Well... Trepie looked Jelenedra up and down. "If I slip her 50 extra, do you think she might be willing to stay overnight? I would like to make up for lost time." Jelenedra looked at him, and with shining eyes leapt into his arms.

The babysitter was delighted to stay with the children, and Jelenedra with Trepie. 

In the early morning, she gleefully marched around the bed to him, as he admired her. 

"Now I have got you right where I want you. Super villain or not, I control the way you move," she thought...

Sweet nothings.

The power of a Simwoman over even the worst supervillain is immense. Her power is to reach parts of him other Sims cannot reach.

"I would like you to come over for the twins' birthday party later today, since you're their father."

"No problem! I'll take the day off work, and drive you over now. I can't wait to see these little darlings. MY babies!"

Jelenedra wondered if she should suggest shopping for birthday presents - but decided there would be plenty of time for that.

A Family Sim