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Shotgun Style

This house was gutted and redecorated for a forum challenge on N99. It was an EA-made house that originally comes from Sunset Valley.

I moved Larry Hookins, a Selfsim from MATY, into the house, undecorated.


When he arrived there, the house was pretty run down. The neighbours made it clear that they regarded it as an eyesore, and hoped it would be much improved...

The estate agent's pictures were deceptive. This is actually the house next door, and Larry's garden.

THIS was the house. Built of dirty old brick. There was a minimal water supply, from the water tower. "You also have the old pump in the garden - many people like those as a special water feature... it still works. But there is no electricity supply as it's been disconnected for years."

"I can use candles for now," smiled Larry, the romantic. "More romantic! Many ladies prefer them."

It had lots of land, mostly overgrown with thorn bushes, an old estate wagon, who he called Henrietta, the spring or fishing hole, and its old well for water supply. Mains had been disconnected years ago.

The state of the paintwork was appalling, particularly outside.

The water tower and now empty grain silo out the back of the house.

And the fishing hole. The "Good fishing" the estate agent ahd claimed, at least, was true, although it felt more like jungle than pond.

Although the promised "arterial spring" was - well, a muddy puddle. "I can see I'll have my work cut out for me," grinned Larry, who was quite happy about his "fixer-upper".

The bathroom worked, though the water from the water-tower was bitingly cold. In the warm climate of Bay City, that wasn't particularly important.

Dreaming of... arson? Or a premonition of fires to come?

"First thing for the shopping list is a new bed!"

Knowing there was no electricity, Larry brought an old barbecue grill. "I need my hot food, I'm a growing boy!"


After the first fire (of several) the firefighter "strongly recommended" a fire alarm.

A lot of Larry's stuff had to be put in the spare bedroom, which was effectively a junkroom for now.

That blue box turns up everywhere...

He found the old monitor in the long grass near the pond.

After all that excitement he fell asleep in front of the fire.

Not a good idea.

He soon became good friends with at least two of the local firefighters. "I would like to invite you lovely ladies to my housewarming party"

"Don't you think it's been hot enough here tonight?"

"A ball game? I would love to, but they are reconnecting my electricity next week and I have to be here. Maybe the next match?"

The renovation


Some of the furniture is from the post-apocalyptic set called One Day Later made by Qbuilderz and available on Mod the Sims 2.

The painted wood textures are also I think by Qatla.

Some of the clutter and wallpapers are from AikeaGuinea or from Garden of Shadows.

Wallpapers by Qatla at Mod the Sims 2.

If I've missed anyone please let me know.

Sita August 14, 2012