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Reggiko Winkle

She got a part-time job at the Spa as a Receptionist.

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An evening visit to the new Grey Garl's Community Pool, right next door to the spa where she worked.

Oops, too many onions...

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Tired of clocking in and out? Demetria was. Reggiko thought about this a lot and decided she would try her hand at being self-employed. She was already making a reasonable income from her gardening, having filled her fridge and those of her neighbours. Surplus fruit and vegetables were bought by the local supermarket.

She left the spa job to concentrate on her skilling.

However, so far she had never planted a plant... she had gardening skill 10 already so she went off for the cemetery to look for seeds.

Inside, exploring, she was chased out by an enraged zombie bear. But she had already looted an alabaster and a My Mystery Gnome. Coming out of the mausoleum filthy and frightened, she was in dire need of comfort and a little pampering.

So she set off for the spa to recuperate, making the excuse to herself that it was closer than home anyway!

Lynn Elias was looking out of the window and watched her heading into the Spa. He ran out past her calling over his shoulder "excuse me, I have an.. er... urgent appointment!"

But she had worked there before. So she went into the empty studio, showered and washed her hair. After a little while, a different stylist appeared, and cut her hair into a slightly shorter style, which she felt made her look much younger.

Applying a little makeup helped too, and she noticed she was developing freckles from being out in the sun. Finally she went clothes shopping and got a nice new pair of indigo denim dungarees, which ought to be quite practical for farming.

"Now I look quite professional!"

Coupled with a bright Tshirt, she felt ready for anything. And now it was time to do some business - off she went to sell her latest batch of produce to the supermarket. For which she made 23,000 simoleans....

She sold the cottage to Mary Baker, and she moved further out of town to start a proper farm.

She bought a piece of land which had only planning permission for a house but an fantastic view, and, working with a local architect, designed a pretty little bungalow farmhouse. The land fell away quite steeply, but the consequence of that was that the plants, though exposed to the wind, would get plenty of sun.

Good music was important to Reggiko. But she had never owned a TV and didn't intend to start now.

A nice modern fireplace brightened the room on cold days.

And the house was designed to optimise views across the valley, with large double-glazed windows.

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"Yes," she said, cracking her knuckles as she looked out after all the furniture had been installed and arranged to her satisfaction. "It's a lovely place."

To begin with she planted a couple of apple trees, some unknown seeds she had found in the graveyard, some tomato and lettuces.

There was a rather deep fishing hole quite close to the house, just down the hill... it took longer to get home than to get there. Her plants needed fertilising so she had a couple of days fishing.

Altogether she caught, over the next few days, 28 piranha, 27 rainbow trout, 19 goldfish, a rubber duck, 7 red herrings, 6 sharks, a money tree seed and an escape dust...

But her plants were dying off, so she had to give them some attention.

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Ronnie the garden gnome does move around a bit.

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She has a friend called Chris Hawks who is also interested in gardening, though he works in an office.

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She made a list: 

Planted so far here:
  1. grapevine
  2. lettuce
  3. tomato
  4. lime tree
  5. garlic
  6. potato
  7. onion
  8. death flower bush
  9. watermelon vine
  10. flame fruit
  11. bell pepper
  12. money tree

and there are more plants which haven't been identified yet.

She did manage to get the money tree to bloom, but so far it hasn't produced any money!

The farm is looking a little larger now; plants are more organised as it's much easier to keep, for example, potatoes or vines together.