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Trepie McDark

Trepie had at last made it to Emperor of Evil. He had committed enough crimes, made enough enemies, and become intimately acquainted with the inside of the local Police Cells. He decided it was time for him to move out of the town centre, and bought a big old ruin in a quiet suburb. He was astonished to find that it already had a large marble pool in the basement, which just needed cleaning out. He would build his new home here. A pool could be fun and a useful way of despatching troublesome ... visitors.

The ruin took a lot of work and all of his illgotten gains. He would have to find some way to make more, but fortunately it was not far to the warehouse where his gang hung out. The only drawback with Grey Garl's was that it was close to the hospital. But that could also be an advantage -  all those pretty nurses... having achieved his lifetime want, he was rethinking what he wanted out of life.

While he was waiting for the kitchen to be fitted, he was buying his meals at the nearby bar, and while there, meeting various Simwomen of the district. He had a great date with Tigress Kitten, whom he picked up in the bar.

Trepie's kitchen in finished state.

Soon after, he was hanging out at the bar outside the bistro and found his mark - Aggers! he immediately recognised the type. She was a hopeless romantic. Perfect! He could be very persuasive and after a whirlwind romance, they were married privately.

Aggie had a lowly position as a Snitch in the Law Enforcement career. He was mildly amused by that. In fact he could use it. And the money from the sale of her flat would come in useful to upgrade his ruin. While she was useful to him, and fun... he smiled, evilly.

Trepie's first victim was a chap who turned up to visit Aggie, Jung Robb. He was an ex-boyfriend of hers. Concrete shoes for him.

Tigress Kitten was still in touch and asking Trepie to spend some time with her, but he was busy. "She will wait," he said. "For now I have another fish to hook."

Everything changed when Aggie got pregnant. She suddenly snapped out of the romantic half-daze he put her in. What was she doing? At work, she managed to get hold of the police files on him. 

The next evening he was practising with his board breaker, on the castle's flat, unfenced roof. 

She asked him straight - "Trepie, this is all made up, isn't it? All the stuff they say about you in the police files? Slander? Or is it true?"

Challenged, he admitted "No, it's not all made up... "

"What happened to Jung Robb, Trepie?" She stepped backwards away from him. He held his hands up and shrugged. "He was bothering you. I didn't like that." He stepped forward. "It's your hormones, babe. You're all over the place tonight."

"You evil bastard!" She came back at him, scratching and biting. Of course she was no match for his Sim-fu brown belt, and he trounced her. But she wouldn't take no for an answer, and kept coming back for more. "I'll divorce you! I hate you! You tricked me!"

 He laughed, watching her move closer to the edge of the roof. Holding her back with one hand as she tried to claw at his face. "Aggie, you tricked yourself. I never lied to you. You chose not to believe what other people told you." She gasped, took a step back and missed her footing.

Down, down she went, down into the ditch left by the excavations of the castle basement. Trepie wasn't a complete bastard and called an ambulance. "She's pregnant," he told the paramedics."Look after the baby." 

"Okay, sir, thanks. You coming in the ambulance?" 

"No, thanks, I've got to go to work."

Aggie got a divorce from Trepie as soon as she was able to stand, and a court injunction to stop him coming anywhere near the children, when they were born. She threatened to bring charges of attempted murder if he didn't abide by the injunction. 

He didn't believe she could make such a charge stick - after all, it was an accident. Of course it was. But she knew more than enough about him, and he had seen enough of the jail already. So he went back to his bachelor life.

Trepie in Newton leFade