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The Jacksons

Janel was getting a little concerned. With a new baby on the way, they really would need a larger house. Theirs was luxurious and beautiful, but just not big enough. And a child needed toys, space to crawl, places where he would not damage precious treasures like awards, high-quality instruments... Mike wasn't at all interested in looking for a house. Obsessed with his music, he was working on drums as he said the band needed more variety. "Four guitars and voices just isn't a strong enough sound."

Well, they got so busy with their music and learning new tunes that she forgot to do anything about the house. Little Johnny was born in a taxi, one day coming back from a performance. 

Getting home, Johny settled and fed, Janel brought the subject up again. "You don't realise how much space kids take up!"

Eventually he handed her the cheque book. "No problem, sweet. You go. Get something you like. You have far more taste than me anyhow. Needs a big room for the band, game room, garden would be cool - and rooms for how manychildren? Six? Eight?"

Immediately after she has given birth is NOT the best time to talk to a woman about having seven more children. Janel silently handed the baby to him and left.

Janel had discovered while tidying up Mike's papers, that he was a shareholder in the Cineplex, but hadn't collected his dividends for some time. When she went to visit the manager, she discovered Mike was owed 39,000... that would sort out their housing problem nicely! Off she went to the estate agents.

She found an old Victorian style house with 6 bedrooms, and took on a butler to help keep it tidy.

Johny's babyhood was rather lost in the middle of unpacking and decorating the old house.

Little Johny's birthday. His dad tended not to be very interested in him as a baby, fondly called him "Maggot," when Janel wasn't around. But once he was a toddler it was different.

Michael took much more notice of him, often spending long hours talking to him, carrying him around, taking him to the park, teaching him to walk and talk. Potty was left to Mum.

Janel was working hard on her guitar skill. Johny was working hard on the xylophone.

It was large enough, even for her taste. They often practiced outdoors. This was Johny's birthday; the band practicing, including Johny, when it happened.

When relatives say "He shot up" - now we know what they mean.

The washer and dryer had not yet been installed when Mike had an altercation with Fairlight at the laundrette. Janna Bartley was there, and Mike wondered if Fairlight was showing off for her benefit. Unfortunately the paparazzi was also there.

"A scoop! Michael Jackson in fight! Even better, Michael Jackson LOSES fight!"


A launderette at night can be a very good place to destress. When Fairlight has gone home.

To be continued.