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Mega Garrett

Em was now unemployed because of her repeated "episodes".

Garrett took the large Compendium and the other ingots, to a dealer, a few at a time.

"Don't worry! Once they we've sold this we'll never need to work again."

"But I wanted to... what I really wanted was to be a scientist. And do fascinating things like put coats on snowmen! Do things to white mice and make CLONES!"

"If you really want to. I s'pose you still can. But hey! Have a holiday, for a while."

They had now a huge amount of money. Garrett played with the gems a little and made some skulls from them.

Garrett's accounts:

But then disaster struck. (Who says there isn't balance in this game? More than in RL anyhow!)

Em played with the alchemy bench at the Seaside Specialities until she turned herself into a toad.

She tried to bribe Garrett to give her a Toad Kiss.

"You expect me to kiss THAT?"

"You have got to be kidding."

Nobody said Garrett was nice. Pretty, but not nice.

Actually, he had started taking Bubble again. The reason he gave was that he had problems seeing a frog facing him all the time, instead of his pretty girlfriend.

Em herself wasn't bothered. "It's still me in here, as much as it ever was," and she didn't understand his objections. "He'll get used to it."

But he didn't. He started sleeping in a separate bedroom, with Billy the Cat on his bed.

The most important part of the redecoration, as far as Billy Cat was concerned, the cats' area of the large sitting room.

Em wasn't concerned. She had had all kinds of strange things happen in her life, and was enjoying this phase very much.

For a while, it looked as if they were going to be able to be happy.

Playing in their new pool on sunny autumn days. (Naturally, Em won the breath-holding contest. She was part amphibian!)

Em and Minnie.

Exterior, after the sweet little cottage had had some fairly major renovation. Garrett chose the glass doors for the garage. He said "What's the point in having the most expensive car if you can't show it off?"

Nice to see Garrett actually doing some garden chores. This was a rare event.

Erm - that's a bit close to your spiffy new car.

"I can always get another one. Or three."