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Thursday Evening, Downtown Jericho

It was just one of those late aftternoons\evenings when everyone wanders the streets... and gathers outside the greengrocer's shop and the bookstore.

Caitlin and JM had a discussion about books. "No, Black Swan Green is the greatest I have ever read."

"It even beats Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil."

Wandering around the corner, whom should he meet but Tita Lights. Now these two had history.

Jeremy, meanwhile, was irritating Ruth with his endless discussion of gay politics and with criticising her lilac sweatshirt.

Meanwhile, Tita had accepted Pescado's challenge. "Sure, I'll happily run through some rudiments of Drunken Fist."

And so it begins.


February Rain seemed to be puzzled about a tree. "Willow or beech? Or maybe ash?"

Marilyn and Ruth were discussing what Jeromy had said.

The application of terror.

Nice escape.

A good fight.


Chronicles of Arkham 1