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Dailies in Jericho 4

Tita lived at 4 Rosebourne Park, architect-designed by Simsample. 

She changed her hairstyle again. While she liked that upswept Afro, it did take too much looking after. She thought about planting her garden again, and wondered whether to do something different, like work for a living for a change, but soon shook it off. As she loved to travel, she took herself off for a few days in Shang Simla. She came back with her very own martial arts trainer and a board breaker, and a few ancient coins, and planted some salad vegetables. For now, she would be a gardener.

Some time later, Tita and Marilyn Betty Newbie-West, her best friend, took a short trip to China, as Tita wanted to complete her martial arts, and Marilyn, well...

Marilyn was just delighted to be abroad.

Even if the shopping area was completely deserted. Yes, it was the middle of the night, but she had just got off a plane and wanted to play chess!

She explored a tomb.

Listened to scarey local stories:

"...and then the Count said 'Three!' "

Marilyn felt their accomodation could do with a spruce-up.

Just like me, when away from home, Tita does not sleep very well.

Tita meanwhile...

She was propositioned by Liang Yat Sen. "You want me to do WHAT, WHERE?"

When they got home, Tita's garden was not doing so well. She had to put in sprinklers and change the solid garden wall to a fence, to let light through. Marilyn got a job at the school.

Tita went to Motoki's party. She was delighted to see her old friend, as she now thought of him, looking fit and strong again.

"This was what you used? It doesn't look very high tech at all, just a basic potions bench, like we had in the Challenge. And you made this miraculous Potion of Youth with it?"

"The magic ingredient was my brain! Seriously, it took an awful lot of work and study. But any Sim could do it, if they work hard."



Tita's favourite Gucci dress, which she refuses to take off even in the desert, is from All About Style.