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Dailies 5 - Babies!

When we last visited Ruth and Seb, they were getting acquainted. Things progressed, very quickly. After all, they were working together all day and spending all their spare time together. So Seb moved into Ruth's large apartment. Almost as an afterthought, they got engaged.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, she was pregnant. They had talked about weddings but Ruth didn't want to get married with a bulge. So they agreed to wait until they could "do it properly".

Seb gave up his police job to stay home and look after little Ichelle. He wanted to work on his writing, but they had plenty of savings and for now he could simply enjoy being a new father.


"Mommy will be home soon, yes she will, she will, my precious!"

Little Ichelle (sorry, the game named her) was Disciplined and Grumpy. She hated the baby swing, so Seb threw it out. Of course, she was a complete Daddy's Girl.

Tigress and Donte Kitten's baby was called Zebulon, he's Artistic and Friendly. And he DID look like his Daddy, he is dark skinned  and has red hair. Much to Tigress' relief.

She was looking forward to going back to work, as little Zebulon was now a toddler. She missed the salon and its friendly atmosphere, the scent of hairspray and the feel of new, crisp, clothing fresh from the factory.

"Yes, we give flowers to good people."

"And what do we do with bad people?"

But she also discovered that she loved passing on her values to the next generation.

To be continued.


A lot happened in Jericho during a very short period while I had EA's Story Progression enabled after installing a patch. Ruth and Seb went from engaged to pregnant. These two children were named by the game. Snow Bawl disappeared. Hence the next story.