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Dailies in Jericho 2

Daniel Trujillo moved in to a small house with a great view.

He thought he would like to be a politician but as he found all this schmoozing, and indeed being around many people at a time, quite difficult, it was hard to get started. He had not met any of his new neighbours so far. He lives in the house on the left. Tita's in the one next door.

First things first! He installed his computer. Chatting online and looking for people who lived in Jericho, he met Hanna. They chatted and got on quite well, discovering they both had a desire to make the world work the way they thought it should...

After a couple of days in his new job and new house, he felt confident enough to invite Hanna over. 

She arrived in a fancy and rather pretty dress, and he felt very underdressed. She had clearly made an effort and tried hard to impress him. (Hanna, in fact, lived in a crowded apartment with four other girls, and would have loved to move in with Dan).

Sadly, in the flesh, he didn't find her attractive at all; he made it clear he was not looking for romance and hoped they could just be friends.

They had an amusing evening together, but as time went on Hanna could see that he wasn't at all interested in flirting, though he clearly enjoyed her company. She made the most of it.

"Yes, I do talk a lot. People tell me I am evil too, but I don't believe it, do you?"

And then it got to ten o'clock and he, completely out of social energy, simply announced he had work tomorrow and had to go to bed now; would she mind letting herself out? Hanna sat alone in his kitchen, ate a second portion of supper and went home, disappointed. After kicking over his bin and telling it off.

On her way home, she found a turtle.

Missy Hissy, Phyre Daily, Hanna Folklor, Paulina Pleskot, and Hinhanni Moussa moved into a large loft home known as Bermond Tannery Lofts. because it had been a tannery, there were some lingering odours - but the apartment was large and pleasant. This was all Missy Hissy's idea. She had the idea that if she could find vegetarian roommates it would be better. The smell of cooking burgers at her last place really turned her stomach. And it was pleasant to have company and not just four walls to talk to.

Having resolved the vital question of who got the double bed (Phyre), they thought about what to do next. Phyre, Paulina and Missy went off to do a painting class. Hinhanni got an interview to join the police, and Hanna went to the Town Hall for an induction for her new job in politics, also called a Charisma class.
Hinhanni went to the reading rooms to study and met Seb Austen.
Pauline Pleskot and Hinhanni Moussa were partnered in the police, having joined at more or less the same time.

Phyre was working as an interior designer, and her first major job was to build a gazebo with an outdoor writing room at Snow Bawl's mansion. The house was so large and lavishly appointed already, she hadn't felt she could add anything to it. But the budget was large and she felt sure she had made a good job of it.

"Has Snow Bawl paid you for her new gazebo yet, Phyre?"

"No. I'll try going to see her again tomorrow. I'll be late with the rent."

"Oh, we don't mind a bit, Phyre."

Snow had not so far even inspected the work, although she and Phyre had chatted for quite a while.



Daniel is a self-Sim from The Sims Daily, as are the other Sims in this page.

The houses came with the world, Jericho, and Daniel's and the Veggy apartment were made by SimSample.