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Snow Bawl 2

Motoki, who was volunteering at the hospital while trying to decide what career to follow, called in to see Snow every day, and sat and talked quietly to her.

Hinhanni was there a lot too.

Phyre and Motoki talked a lot while waiting for Snow to come round.

In fact several of the Dailies turned up at the hospital. 

After a week, the doctors raised her level of consciousness enough that she could wake up naturally. After another week of tests to ensure everything was working as it should, she had had enough of the hospital and daytime TV and didn't see why she couldn't go home.

"The doctor says I'm diabetic. I can live with that, they've already given me the testing stuff and meds. Why do I have to stay here?"

"Because you were drinking too much." Motoki. "What actually made you collapse was pancreatitis, which must have been very painful, and you simply passed out from the pain; becauase your blood sugar was all wrong, you stayed down. They want to be sure you will not overdo the booze again, Snow."

"Hey, they said I had no booze in my system, I had fallen into a puddle of nectar on the floor - I have some memory of spilling a bottle just before I passed out."

"It's a big danger for diabetics. You really can't afford to drink again."

"Yeah, yeah, I get the point. Don't worry. I won't. Anyway, Phyre has agreed to come and stay with me for a bit, as my companion. I don't want to stay here any longer, it's been weeks and the hospital food is awful. And yes, Hinhanni, as soon as I get out I have only to sign some papers to sell the Liquor Store."

Snow loved having company.

Also, on arriving home, she found a letter from her publisher. her newest science fiction novel, Hookins 175, was selling well. The publisher was asking for the original manuscript for his personal collection, complete with her hand-written edits.

"I know it should be in here somewhere."

As befits a best-selling sci-fi novelist,  Snow took herself for a makeover. The colours didn't seem too strong against the background in the salon.

Phyre meanwhile, had a date with Bruno. Things got very intense.

She still was not getting paid for her assignments as an Interior Designer, and was happy to stay with Snow in her mansion.

Except that the raccoon had fleas.

And the butler was - a little sinister.

One day she overheard Phyre talking to Bruno and asked her straight if he was stalking her.

"I have contacts, you know. Let me know if you need him to be dealt with."

"Oh, no, it's nothing like that. We went out a few times and - well, he took it more seriously than I did."

She smiled. "All part of the service."

Snow started to go out, and go to parties. No longer upset by her celebrity staus, she started to make friends.

She also decided to take up plumbing for a career.

"What? Plumbing's where it's at for celebs!"

Being Snow Bawl, she didn't fix the sink in the customary manner, but somehow managed to get INSIDE the wall to fix it. Or should that be through?

Not that sink, THIS sink.

But then, Snow was rich enough, and crazy enough, to plumb any way she liked.