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Moving into Jericho after escaping the Sim Survivor Challenge, Motoki bought a tiny house at Grandver Villas (which was anything but a grand neighbourhood), right next door to Seb and Rachel.

Of course, he was retired now, but thought he might get a little part-time job, just to get himself out of the house.

Out and about in town, he met Cora Dixon. "You're famous! I saw you on that Simvivor show!"

"Well, yes, but I didn't win it."

"I've always assumed those shows were just staged. Did she really kill all those Sims?"

"It was all very real. And yes, yes she did. I don't actually like to talk about it much - the memories..."

"Oh I am so sorry. I always liked you best in those shows. And what happened to Tita and the winner... Snow?"

"We've all settled in Jericho now. Tita has a house in the north of the city; Jeromy lives near me, and Snow bought a wonderful mansion just outside town, of course she's very wealthy."

Motoki combined his hobbies of fixing things and computing to overclock his machine. It seemed to work better after that, but since he only used it to chat with local Sims, there was no perceptible difference.

And he decided he couldn't live on his savings (what savings?) forever. 

He loved gardening, and was very good at it, but had not enough space to make even a market garden, so he started to fish for a living. 

Looking at old photographs one day, he realised he was getting older and his time was short! He remembered the potions benches he had learned to use during Sim Survivor, and ordered one for himself. It just fitted on his back porch. Maybe, just maybe, he could discover the mythological Potion of Youth in time.

It became an obsession. He worked very hard on this for the next weeks, pausing only briefly to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. 

And finally - he had it. 

He tried to phone his only friends and tell them. Tita and Cora were neither interested nor amused, as it was 1 in the morning.

He decided that at his age it would be unwise to wait any longer. So he shrugged and drank the potion. 

And turned back into a Young Adult. He was 190.

He had no idea what he wanted to do with his second life, except that he did not want to spend it single, like his first. His lifelong wish was to have 5 children, but he had never found the right person... 

It was the middle of the night, so he went fishing. Something he had always loved but had had no time to do for the last several weeks.

And caught his best fish EVAH! well, at least his best Red Herring ever. And a couple of sharks.

After some night fishing, he headed for the consignment store but wasn't able to sell his fish there, as the sales assistant was, not surprisingly as it was about 4am, off duty. There was, however, a bar.

Cora WebDixon and Deeva were hanging out there. This was a free bar provided by the town council for the refreshment of its citizens, and well stocked with nectar, courtesy of the SSSFPHS or SimSample Society For the Promotion of Happy Sims. And saying that after an hour in the bar is not recommended, so the Sims in Jericho just began every toast with "Samples!" which they had agreed stood for the Simsample Association of Merry Pickled Lush Sims.

Cora asked Motoki to teach her some logic. As you do, after drinking all night. Deeva cautiously chaperoned.

Later, Deeva told them a tale of horror in the swamps. Motoki was trying not to laugh.

"...and the great Voodoo god M'Bungo came out and ate them all up. Oh, except for me, because someone had to survive to tell the story."

"Mon Dieu! The stories, they get worse..."

Cora agreed with Napoleon, but was too drunk to explain why.



Motoki is a self-Sim from MATY. He had a small part in my Twinbrook stories and in the SimSurvivor story.