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Chronicles of Arkham 1

Jeromy Craig

Jeromy's job transferred him to Arkham. He felt it was a promotion.

I'll let him explain: "Now I am still CALLED a Burial Specialist, but I'm also responsible, in fact if not in salary, for the Mausoleum of Jimmy Lemmon, this grand structure over here. And I'm sure my employer will see the error of his ways and increase my salary soon...

No, well, no-one else is employed here, so I must be responsible for it."

Of course, he had a little weep for the Master of Acrobatics when he first arrived. As you do.

"And yes, this is my normal work outfit. On Fridays."

He has this effect upon the paparazzi.

Another one came to interview him about the Memorial.

"Would you like to come in and see my jellyfish manga?"

I'll leave you with this heartwarming picture of dear Jeromy in his lovely home.

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Arkham is a fine world made by Martine.

Jeromy: The Sim HimSelf - the Jeromy Special

Jeromy Craig is a Sim made by me, based on a Sims 2 self-sim from MATY here

Previous Appearances

Regular readers will remember Jeromy from earlier stories, most notably in the SimSurvivor series, in which he is clearly a survivor, if not exactly a winner.

He featured in The Twinbrook Detention Centre

in this memorable scene.

As well as this

in which he simply sat and watched Motoki sleeping . All night.

Of course all this happened before the great Twinbrook Disaster.

Jeromy then moved to Shearwater, where he was called to take part in the Simvivor Experiment.

And right after Myskaal lost the first round, having calmly eaten his dinner sitting by the new grave, decided to Dial a Llama to get him out of the cemetery.

He shared a memorable scene with Snow Bawl, where he appeared more interested in her boobs than the painting contest.

In due course he is seen attending the death of Jess, who uttered the memorable last words:

"I'm going to that great Sim camp in the sky. At least they'll have better bathrooms."

A deep discussion about holes.

He did co-star with Grey Parrot in this scene.

And of course in the final epsiode he had quite a large part - but it was not demanding as he simply played himself.

He had a non-speaking, but also memorable, part in Dailies in Jericho.

February 16, 2013