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Dailies Miscellany

Rachel took a writing course, and lived on takeaway food.

She wrote - and like most of those who write, she chatted on the Net. She met a couple of chaps she liked, Seneca Delaney and Kawab. And got a job as a Coffee Courier to pay the rent on what the estate agent had called a penthouse.

It turned out Kawab lived quite close; she invited him over and things progressed.

Ruth was bored, and it was her day off. She cleaned the house, which didn't take long, did her washing, and finally decided to visit the local chess club. This was a great success. She read a chess book for a while, as there was no-one to play with, then, seeing other Sims come in and trek upstairs, discovered a bar upstairs. That's where everyone is! Well, two people and the barman anyway. She had a drink and a plate of nachos, using up the last of her money, and then joined Deeva and Daniel on the dance floor.

She had never been much of a dancer but gave it a whirl. Her arms didnt seem to move as smoothly as the other Sims', but she supposed she might get better with practice. She managed to have a little chat with Daniel afterwards.

She lived in a highrise apartment, at Butana Bridgeway.

Down in the basement of the building she was delighted to discover a communal nectar cellar for the residents.

Gelydh moved into a little house. It was owned by a madwoman with four ginger kittens called Shamika Bernstein. 

Gelydh wasn't very sure she liked Sharnika, who worked at the Science Lab and expected her lodger to look after the kittens while she was out. Gelydh had other ideas.

She decided she should look for work of a kind that was suited to her. And she found a contract as a Decoy, through the East tradewinds Shipping Company. There were meetings there where jobs like this were given out. She had to earn the trust of the others before being able to do anything too responsible. She was asked to invested her savings in "the Business".

One afternoon, the Science lab phoned.

"Hello?... Yes this is Sharnika's roomie. She's ill? Oh, what happened? ...side-effects? she all right? I mean... will she be all right? ...oh. She won't be coming back. I understand, best of care, isolation. Rare disease you were working on? is it contagious? Ah, infected while at work and not yet contagious but you need to keep her there. I understand. Please give her my best wishes. She wants me to take care of her cats? Please reassure her, I'll do what is best for them."

Hanging out at the cemetery one day, she discovered a strange crypt.

She explored the catacombs and came back completely messed up and stressed out.

Then the kittens got under her feet at the door, mewling miserably because they missed Sharnika.
"I have got to find homes for those cats, the yowling is driving me nuts. I think I really only went into the mausoleum to avoid going home."
of course, the kittens missed Sharnika, and, as cats do, had a sense that Gelydh didn't like them. So she finally found homes for all four cats.

"It paid off? fifteen big ones! WOOHOO! I'll be right over."

Gelydh's career was taking off. Or at least her bank balance.

Cora Web-Dixon loved to paint. but an artist cannot live on oil fumes alone. So she took a job at the local police station, and took herself off shopping.

She put her new easel up right outside the store and started painting - lost in concentration, she painted all night. In the morning she met Migolia Remanos and Caitlin Smith.

She discovered that Migolia was Gemini, and she really did like his looks. She tried not to come on too strong... They went to a nearby bar for a drink and a bite to eat, but she was called away to Motoki's party.



Rachel's clothes from All About Style.

Gelydh is a Self-Sim from Garden of Shadows. I love the description: " Her hobbies seem to revolve around scowling and kicking over trashcans, so if she's left to her own devices that's probably all she'll get up to. Have fun!"

Sharnika came with Jericho.

Rachel Charleston, Kawab, Ruth Schafrym, and Cora Webb-Dixon, Migolia and Caitlin are all Self-Sims from The Sims Daily Forum.